Female Powered Investing

Advertisements If you’ve mistook the last few week’s headline news reports for fiction straight out of Handmaid’s Tale, you wouldn’t be alone. Women’s right to abortion has taken a huge hit. Someone at the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) leaked an opinion by a majority of the high court that will overturn RoeContinue reading “Female Powered Investing”

ESG Investing

Advertisements The past few weeks have been special for the Abrahamic traditions. Christians celebrated Easter (Orthodox Easter a week later), Jews celebrated Passover, and Muslims observed Ramadan and Eid. Recently, there seems to be an assault on women’s reproductive rights. Religion, environmental sustainability, corporate governance, and societal concerns, are very important to people’s value systems.Continue reading “ESG Investing”

Leasing is not fleecing

Advertisements On the path to financial freedom you’ll hear a lot of advice regarding transportation. The standard advice is, if you need a vehicle, buy a car and drive it into the ground. Leasing a car is demonized. Famous and misguided financial guru, Dave Ramsey, says “leasing is fleecing.” I once suggested that someone inContinue reading “Leasing is not fleecing”

Series I Bonds and a 9.62% Interest Rate

Advertisements The first time I wrote about Series I Bonds was in November of 2021. I wrote about using I bonds to park excess emergency fund money to stave off inflationary pressures on your cash. November 2021 was the first time I purchased I Bonds because the interest rate was a historic high 7.12%. NowContinue reading “Series I Bonds and a 9.62% Interest Rate”

A Price Tag For Your Goals

Advertisements One of my favorite times of year is when Mr. Moneyaire and I get together to goal set and create our budget that we track against for our upcoming year. It gives me an opportunity to do the big picture thinking I enjoy. Mr. Moneyaire could probably do without the goal setting portion, whereasContinue reading “A Price Tag For Your Goals”

What Can I Do to Help the Ukrainian People?

Advertisements In what seems like a megalomaniac’s desire to take back lands and live out a Hitler-esque dream of bringing back the USSR, a lot of people in Ukraine are going to die, be displaced, lose everything or be injured. Watching the news and the stock market here in the US I feel a bitContinue reading “What Can I Do to Help the Ukrainian People?”

Don’t Panic Sell! Panic Buy!

Advertisements Anyone else getting a little motion sickness from the dive the stock market has taken since the start of the year, and especially this past week? I have had a few friends reach out and ask me what I’ve been doing this past week regarding my portfolio. The answer, I think some of themContinue reading “Don’t Panic Sell! Panic Buy!”

A Satisfying Way to Save Money

Advertisements Happy New Year! I have seen and heard so many New Year resolutions around money! People want to save, invest, make, and sell more. It’s all very exciting and I hope everyone hits their goals. I have a little trick that’ll help you in the save and invest department. In this post I amContinue reading “A Satisfying Way to Save Money”

Budgeting; Tracking Your Money

Advertisements Mr. Moneyaire here, again—hey! As Mrs. Moneyaire has mentioned on other posts, budgeting is a pretty big deal in the Moneyaire household. We meet semi-regularly to review budget status, have a specific review meeting in January to review that year’s budget, and have lots of informal conversations about budgeting throughout the year. Tracking whereContinue reading “Budgeting; Tracking Your Money”