• Life Insurance 101

    Advertisements Insurance is a huge business. I’m going to go through some of the most popular kinds of insurance out there and which one would benefit you the most…and which ones to avoid. If you haven’t already, you will be approached by sales people cloaked as Financial Advisors who will try to sell you onContinue reading “Life Insurance 101”

  • Term v. Whole Life 20 Year Breakdown

    Advertisements In this graphic I’m demonstrating that if instead of a whole life insurance policy, if you just got a term policy and invested the difference between the two policies and earned a conservative 4% rate of return, you’d come out about $100k ahead. Whole life policies are great for the sales agent and insuranceContinue reading “Term v. Whole Life 20 Year Breakdown”

  • Whole vs. Term Life

    Advertisements Whole life policies are very expensive compared to a term policy. This illustration shows the price difference between term and whole life policies. If we take the example from above, the term life insurance policy will have cost $5,769.60 after 20 years. The whole life policy will have cost $70,629.60 in 20 years. IfContinue reading “Whole vs. Term Life”