Like Minded Sites


There are many, many sites and blogs and vlogs out there about personal finance and getting to financial independence. I have started to curate my list of favorite ones. The sites I’ve listed below are all sites I have visited and visit often to see what others interested in personal finance and financial independence are thinking, doing and saying.

The Choose FI Blog is a great place to get information on a variety of things from investing to insurance to learning more about debt.

Mr. Money Moustache is a legend in FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) circles. His blog posts are really long and a bit preachy. If you can look past all of that, there are some wonderful nuggets in there. Mr. Money Moustache generally focuses on extreme frugality to achieve financial independence and retire early.

If a short, succinct casual writing style encourages you to read important but (for some) boring topics in personal finance–like insurance or if Fidelity or Vanguard is right for you–check out Wallet Hacks.

Dedicated to educating and supporting women on all money matters. It’s a community blog with multiple perspectives and topics. They also mentioned the Moneyaire blog 🙂

Geared towards doctors, this website does have really helpful posts with great explanations.

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