Love and Money

  • A Budget Process in 3 Steps

    Advertisements If budgeting was a natural and pleasant thing to do, everyone would be doing it. It took us some time to get it right. We have combined our natural affinities to create a 3-part budget process that we’ve fine tuned over 15 years together. I am probably above average regarding how many budgeting “howContinue reading “A Budget Process in 3 Steps”

  • Unconventional Gifts

    Give the gift they’ll appreciate and gives all year long.

  • Navigating Through No

    Advertisements Greetings from Mr. Moneyaire! After much cajoling from Mrs. Moneyaire and some inspiration from her Accidental Landlord post, I’ve finally come up with a topic worth posting on this blog. Anyone who has been in a relationship for any length of time will understand what it’s like to navigate between two competing objectives. ThisContinue reading “Navigating Through No”

  • Fido Costs a Fortune

    Advertisements About a year into being married we almost got a dog. Mr. Moneyaire had his heart set on getting a Shiba Inu – it was even his phone’s background. I, however, did not want a pet. There were several reasons: first, Fido costs a fortune and they need lots of attention and care, andContinue reading “Fido Costs a Fortune”

  • Life Insurance 101

    Advertisements Insurance is a huge business. I’m going to go through some of the most popular kinds of insurance out there and which one would benefit you the most…and which ones to avoid. If you haven’t already, you will be approached by sales people cloaked as Financial Advisors who will try to sell you onContinue reading “Life Insurance 101”

  • The Getting Married Checklist

    Advertisements I’ve been happily married for 14 years as of August 2021. Before I got married, I had what most people would consider a rather unromantic conversation; it was a conversation about money, our goals and values towards it. It was probably one of the most important conversations my husband and I ever had. I’veContinue reading “The Getting Married Checklist”

  • Gifting a Financial Education

    Advertisements We’re certainly blessed to have a wonderful group of family and friends. We’ve worked hard to cultivate our relationships. We were very excited when the first crop of nieces and nephews came into our lives when we first got married. They were so cute and we bought them all the things that a goodContinue reading “Gifting a Financial Education”

  • The Benefits of Being an Older Parent

    Advertisements I recently went to brunch with someone who has two adult daughters. We’re nearly the same age. Baby Moneyaire is a baby. As my brunch mate is wrapping up raising children, I’m just beginning. I found myself a little envious. As I worry about whether Baby Moneyaire is eating enough protein and smelling BabyContinue reading “The Benefits of Being an Older Parent”

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