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  • Leasing is not fleecing

    Advertisements On the path to financial freedom you’ll hear a lot of advice regarding transportation. The standard advice is, if you need a vehicle, buy a car and drive it into the ground. Leasing a car is demonized. Famous and misguided financial guru, Dave Ramsey, says “leasing is fleecing.” I once suggested that someone inContinue reading “Leasing is not fleecing”

  • A Price Tag For Your Goals

    Advertisements One of my favorite times of year is when Mr. Moneyaire and I get together to goal set and create our budget that we track against for our upcoming year. It gives me an opportunity to do the big picture thinking I enjoy. Mr. Moneyaire could probably do without the goal setting portion, whereasContinue reading “A Price Tag For Your Goals”

  • A Budget Process in 3 Steps

    Advertisements If budgeting was a natural and pleasant thing to do, everyone would be doing it. It took us some time to get it right. We have combined our natural affinities to create a 3-part budget process that we’ve fine tuned over 15 years together. I am probably above average regarding how many budgeting “howContinue reading “A Budget Process in 3 Steps”

  • 15 Answers to 529 Plan Questions

    Advertisements I have helped several families open 529 plans now and these are answers to 15 529 plan questions I get most often. The hardest part of a 529 plan is opening it. Hope this frequently asked questions post helps you get that 529 plan open! 1. Should I open a 529 plan with myContinue reading “15 Answers to 529 Plan Questions”

  • Black Friday Moneyaire Style

    Advertisements As soon as we give thanks for all that we’ve been blessed with many of us run out immediately and spend a ton of money on a bunch of other things we didn’t need just a few hours ago in a Black Friday frenzy. Black Friday has bled into Thanksgiving and it’s time toContinue reading “Black Friday Moneyaire Style”

  • Series I Savings Bonds and Your Emergency Fund

    I Series Savings Bonds are a virtually risk free way to keep your money from losing out to inflation.

  • A Smaller Home Pays Dividends

    Opting for a smaller home than you can afford can help you reach financial independence faster.

  • 15 Ways to Save Money

    Advertisements We are pretty frugal. We like to save money. Our friends and family have stories about how we’ve tried to save a buck or two over the years. This wasn’t always the case, though. Early in our marriage, although we had great jobs, we were just at the beginning of our earning potential. WeContinue reading “15 Ways to Save Money”

  • A One Car Family

    Advertisements Early in the Moneyaire marriage we were a two car family. As part of our conversations about money before we got married, we decided that going down to one car was the right move for us. It would save us money on maintenance, gas, car payments and insurance. It was hard to make thisContinue reading “A One Car Family”

  • Asking for 529 Gift Contributions

    Advertisements The Illinois Bright Start Direct-Sold College Savings Plan is a great way to save for college. If you live in Illinois or several other states, it’s probably the best 529 plan option out there. To read up on it and to open one, check out this post. Allowing family and friends to make 529Continue reading “Asking for 529 Gift Contributions”

  • Life Insurance 101

    Advertisements Insurance is a huge business. I’m going to go through some of the most popular kinds of insurance out there and which one would benefit you the most…and which ones to avoid. If you haven’t already, you will be approached by sales people cloaked as Financial Advisors who will try to sell you onContinue reading “Life Insurance 101”

  • 529 Plans!

    Advertisements Opening a 529 plan is one of the best investments you can make for your child. In a 529 plan money grows tax free and can be used tax free for educational expenses. Also, in many states you can also claim a tax deduction or credit on state income taxes. Opening a 529 planContinue reading “529 Plans!”

  • Cut Down on Clutter; the Useful, Beautiful or Memorable Method

    Advertisements I, Mrs. Moneyaire, used to work retail jobs at Target and Michael’s Arts and Crafts during college. Working retail is a tough job with low pay and, sometimes, cranky customers. It’s also tough because of the temptation to purchase items you see everyday during a shift, just calling out to you, especially as youContinue reading “Cut Down on Clutter; the Useful, Beautiful or Memorable Method”

  • Buying in Bulk?

    Advertisements Early on when we started to live together we had a difference in strategy – to buy in bulk or to implement a “Just In Time” (JIT) inventory system. We were a bit stumped. Ketchup was a good example; should we buy large quantities such as three 44oz bottles of ketchup for $7.99 ($.06Continue reading “Buying in Bulk?”

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