Welcome to the Moneyaire’s Blog

Welcome to the Moneyaire’s Blog
  • 5 Penny Wise and Pound Foolish Things
    Advertisements I see a trap many hardworking smart people fall into to save money. You’ll see these posts pop up from popular budgeting blogs about “easy” ways to save money. One that I thought was particularly egregious was about how to optimize loading your dishwasher. As if running only full loads will make you a […]
  • Roulette’s Important Investing Concepts
    Advertisements Mr. Moneyaire and I both enjoy playing roulette. However, we have very different styles. Mr. Moneyaire finds the way I play roulette to be a bit annoying. I find the way he plays to be reckless. However, the way we play roulette can teach us important investing concepts. I like playing roulette. There’s a […]
  • New Law; 529 Plans & Roth IRAs
    Advertisements One of the biggest reasons parents hold back on funding their child’s 529 College Savings Plans is the fear of overfunding it. They are afraid that they will be locking up money that can only be used for education. What if their child doesn’t go to college? The horror if their child gets a […]

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