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Moneyaire Definition:

Money: the assets, property, and resources owned by someone or something; wealth.

Aire: a suffix that defines nouns denoting a person characterized by or occupied by wealth; i.e. millionaire, billionaire, etc.

We’re the Moneyaires; a couple who’ve learned a thing or two on how to make, save, invest and spend money.

  • Millionaire Traits
    Advertisements We recently took a trip to celebrate my best friend from college at her 40th birthday party. It was a special occasion and I very much looked forward to spending time celebrating my gorgeous friend. I bought a new dress for the party, we bought our airline tickets and stayed with Mr. Moneyaire’s oldContinue reading “Millionaire Traits”
  • I Bonds Won’t Make You Rich
    Advertisements I’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback from folks about my articles on I Bonds. I am delighted something I wrote has helped people! However, let’s take a step back and review because I Bonds won’t make you rich. I don’t think I’ve gone a day in the last 5 months without seeingContinue reading “I Bonds Won’t Make You Rich”
  • Your Home Is Not a Great Investment
    Advertisements “Why not buy a larger home with a bigger yard? It’d be a great investment.” A friend of ours asked us this question when we mentioned how it might be nice for Baby Moneyaire to have a bigger yard to play in. We’ve recently been looking at single family homes with a yard. However,Continue reading “Your Home Is Not a Great Investment”
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