Who Are the Moneyaires?



Mrs. Moneyaire here! We’re a couple that married back in 2007 as young 20 somethings – just before the housing bubble burst and our country was thrown into a recession.

That experience really solidified our financial perspectives and geared us up to be strategic with our financial lives. We work together as a team to make decisions to move ourselves forward.

This is my blog dedicated to sharing my family’s money triumphs and trials. I want to share our experiences with you to help you achieve even more success than we have 🙂 I hope that by sharing our great and not so great decisions we can help you avoid the mistakes we made and capitalize on the right ones we did make.

I quit my W2 soon after baby Moneyaire was born and Mr. Moneyaire works at a company that really appreciates him. I was able to walk away from working because we’ve successfully built up a strong enough asset base to allow for it. Mr. Moneyaire is not fixated on quitting his job and we don’t live super frugal lives so we can retire early and live an equally frugal life. We married each other because we wanted a life full of fun, adventure and free of worrying about money.

We work on making the most of what we have by leveraging our skills, being smart about debt, taking advantage of credit, budgeting and investing our money. We’ve been reasonably successful and are looking ahead at how we can grow what we’ve already achieved – together as a team.

I hope that even if you’re not part of a couple you’ll still be able to take advantage of our common sense approach to money.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs. Moneyaire

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