What Can I Do to Help the Ukrainian People?

Colorful Ukraine building. Photo by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan on Unsplash

In what seems like a megalomaniac’s desire to take back lands and live out a Hitler-esque dream of bringing back the USSR, a lot of people in Ukraine are going to die, be displaced, lose everything or be injured. Watching the news and the stock market here in the US I feel a bit helpless. If you’ve been wondering, “What can I do to help the Ukrainian people?” as Russia bombs Ukraine, murders civilians and devastates the country, you are not alone.

I’m lucky my family immigrated to the US back in the 70s and 80s. I don’t know what its like to have to survive conflict like the Ukrainian people are experiencing. I can’t imagine my daughter losing her parents, or going cold or hungry. In the US, it feels like we’re shielded from war, although micro and macro aggressions towards minorities do happen here.

I thought I would use my tiny part of the internet to amplify ways we can all help the Ukrainian people during this time of crisis. Here are some ways you can help:

1) Keep the Focus On

Demand that our 24-hour news cycle here in the US keep providing us with accurate detailed information on the Russian invasion. With social media, its easier than ever to tweet at or tag CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NPR etc. to keep providing us with news we care about. Here are the Twitter handles of some of the leading news stations/publications in the US.

  • CNN: @CNN, @cnni
  • NPR: @NPR
  • ABC News: @ABC
  • NBC News: @NBCNews
  • CBS News: @CBSnews
  • Wall Street Journal: @WSJ
  • New York Times: @nytimes, @nytimesworld
  • Washington Post: @washingtonpost
  • Fox News: @FoxNews

I struggle sometimes with knowing there is still an ongoing crisis in Afghanistan, Yemen and Syria, but the news just doesn’t cover those conflicts much anymore. I hope Ukrainian crisis doesn’t go the same way.

2) Make Your Legislators Know Ukraine is important

Whether or not Ukraine gets help from the US is largely dependent on how our elected leaders feel helping Ukraine will help or hurt them in their re-election bids. Make sure your Congressmen know you care about what happens in the Ukraine and want them to work towards solutions that help the Ukrainian people.

How can you do this? Use social media. Tweet at your congressmen and senators. You can also write them emails and even send them a snail mail letter. Not sure who they are? This handy little lookup tool can help you after you type in your address.

Sunflowers are the national flower of the Ukraine. Photo by Igor Karimov on Unsplash

3) Donate to Organizations Dedicated to Helping People in War Torn Areas

Some of the most generous people I know are those folks who are on the path to financial independence. Its my belief those who are best with money are also the most generous. The best way to help is with financial donations to organizations that can help the people who need it on the ground. NPR did a great piece on how we can all help the Ukrainian people during this time of need. Please do read their article for more information on how these organizations are gearing to help the Ukrainian people. Below are some of the organizations NPR lists where you can send a donation of money to help those in need, and specifically in Ukraine.

Don’t feel like there’s nothing you can do

The Moneyaires are very much want to help our fellow human beings. We feel a lot of frustration when we watch other’s lives be destroyed – no matter how far away. It sometimes feels like there is nothing we can do – but there is. If you have been wondering “what can I do to help the Ukrainian people” I hope this short direct post helps you along to help others.

Whatever your religious affiliation, please pray and let’s help Ukraine in any way we can.


Mrs. Moneyaire